Oskar Świerad

Technical artist for games

Resume (.pdf) Tech Art Aid tutorials

Work experience


Unreal Engine


In-house engines


Houdini, Blender

Substance Painter

Substance Designer






PC, Playstation, Xbox

Nintendo DS, 3DS

Oculus VR


  • CD Projekt RED – Engineering Manager, Tech Art

    Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty | The Witcher (UE5)

    Manager of 10 technical artists.

    Product Owner of a cross-disciplinary agile team.

    We're responsible for texturing workflows, master shaders, post FX, for AAA open-world games.

  • CD Projekt RED – Senior Technical Artist

    Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, Playstation, Xbox)

    Helped develop a proprietary, multilayered texturing system based on Substance. Programmed tools for material library management.

    Designed and implemented vehicle destruction pipeline.

    Prepared shaders for environment art, gameplay-driven effects.

    Implemented procedural, point cloud-based VFX, e.g. all braindance mode visuals.

    Optimized & debugged shaders in PIX.

  • Tate Multimedia – Environment Artist

    Steel Rats (PC, Playstation, Xbox)

    Designed and modelled modular environment sets.

    Created procedural textures in Substance Designer.

    Technical art duties, optimization, shaders.

  • 3DE – Houdini Render Artist

    Created and rendered environments in Houdini.

    Developed shaders, procedural generation solutions.

    Programmed standalone tools in Python.

  • Tomorrow – Senior 3D Artist

    Lead a team of 4 artists on Oculus VR projects.

    Designed, modelled and textured PBR environments.

    Programmed shaders in HLSL.

  • QubicGames – Environment Artist, Lead LD

    Worked on level art, design and lighting.

    Programmed a level design toolkit (Blender plugin).

    Helped to optimise for handhelds.

    Shipped 6 console games in total.