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5 years of work experience:
3D Environment Art, Lighting, Shaders, Scripting.

Tools: Houdini, Blender, Photoshop, Unity, Unreal Engine, Allegorithmic Substance. {Python, HLSL, VEX}

Old tree trunk

Personal project

Tools: Unreal Engine, ZBrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Blender, xNormal, NDO

Air Race Speed

Racing game

Released in 2014
Duration: 9 + 5 months
Company: QubicGames
Platforms: Apple iOS, Nintendo 3DS

Tools: Photoshop, Blender, Python

Air Race Speed for iOS is a port of our two previous Nintendo 3DS games, combined. For the original versions, I designed levels, led the graphics team and programmed tools. My work on them is described in my resume.

I worked on the iOS version's 3D art in a team of two. Our task was to polish the levels made for the 3DS version. The engine's rendering features did not change.


Realtime Oculus VR project
Company: Tomorrow sp. z o.o.
Platform: PC
Date: 2015

Tools: Photoshop, Blender, Unity, HLSL shaders

The video on YouTube lets you look around in 360 degrees. Just click and drag!
Oculus Rift version additionally features bloom and color-grading.

While leading a team of 4 artists, I also designed and art-directed multiple levels. Did lighting, optimisation in most of the scenes. Textured and modelled objects of varying scale, from terrain and buildings to props. Programmed shaders to texture environments efficiently, to allow for non-standard material types and to animate objects. Created Photoshop export tools for PBR textures.

We switched mid-project from Unity 4 to 5 beta. Together with another artist I helped the team implement physically-based texturing and lighting workflow.

Airace Xeno

Racing game

Released in June 2014
Company: QubicGames
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Tools: Photoshop, Blender, Python

Programmed and maintained level creation toolkit - described below. Created the most of game textures. Did all environment lighting, creating variation between levels sharing the same texture set. Contributed to level design and modelling. Coordinated work of 4 artists. Maintained control over quality of all art assets.

Racer Toolkit, the Blender extension which I programmed and maintained, played the central role in the level production pipeline of Airace Xeno. Its main goal was to allow designers and artists to work on the same level simultaneously.

The extension creates/updates level geometry from modular parts (linked from external files) along curves placed by designers. The Toolkit divides tracks into optimal chunks and helps with exporting.

On the screenshot below are visible two ways, each of different profile. The twist is a property of the Bezier curve (the deformation being handled by Blender), so there is no need for special modules.

Liber Daemonum

Defense game

Released in June 2012
Play the game
Watch gameplay video
Duration: 9 months, after hours
Platform: web

Tools: FlashDevelop, Photoshop

Created in a team of two. Game design by 5lider. Programmed the entire game in ActionScript3 + Flixel framework. Did all the graphics and animations: sprites, backgrounds, menus, user interface. Aimed for a dark fantasy, old school look.


Personal project

Tools: ZBrush, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Substance Painter, xNormal

18,000 triangles. 2048 px texture set. Physically Based Rendering.

Friends, comrades, associates

Kuba Pałyska (5lider) - Game design. Writing.
Paweł Bernaciak (Legomir) - VFX Technical Director.
Piotr Pigłas (Pest) - 2D Concept art and illustration.
Bogna Gawrońska (Denikina) - 2D Concept art and illustration.
Mikołaj Fabjański - 3D Models.
Michał Sobiecki - Game engine programming.
Piotr Bartosiak - 2D Sprites, illustration. Comics author.
Jaroslaw Kolmaga - 3D Art.

About me

You can e-mail me at oskar@oskarswierad.com.

I'm a fan of modern SF literature. I also enjoy books on other subjects, like history and popular science. Even some self-help books are among my favourite. As for the games, I'm more on the indie side.

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